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QX Dial +

QX Dial+ - The service that allows you to call anywhere using accumulated free minutes. 0870 0845 0844, 0872 international Important Notice:

[01/07/15) Call to our 0800 access number is free from mobiles and landlines from 1/7/15. Unfortunately, mobile operators levy a higher fee to connect to our 0800 numbers from a mobile. Please use 0800 009 1107 (QXDial Standard) and 0800 009 1108 (pin) (and not 1131/1132) when call from mobile. There is a 1 point/min surcharge for mobile originated 0800 call (vs 0.5 point surcharge from fixed line).
Note that prices of our 0845198 number has changed to 7p/min + AC unless it is included in your calling package. You will now get 2 points/minute from 1st july 2015.

QX Dial Plus (QX Dial +)


QX Dial+ is a system where you can collect points and spend on calling international destinations extra cheap. For example, you can call india for less than 1p/min and UAE for about 1.5p/min.

You can collect points in many different ways, mostly by calling a certain number, depending on what is available to you. Some are cheaper than another or even free. You can collect points from different methods and combine them together into single account to be used together.

The system also offers flexibility in managing your account. You can assign points you collected to be spent on any phone that you register the numbers with us. Or, you can spend it from any phones using PIN system.

After you have collected some points, you can start spending straight away. To calculate how long you can talk, simply divide the points you have collected with points required for the destinations using the table below. For example, if you have accumulate 100 points and you want to call UAE, you would be able to talk for 90/4.5 = 20 mins.


To see how many points required for your destinations, please select the drop down menu below. The box will also show you an equipvalent cost per minutes if you top up via BT Together (assuming the rate of 1.47p/min). The call is charged PER SECOND (exception applies such as calls to UK numbers that begin with 084/087 and some numbers that begins with 07) and the points NEVER EXPIRE (except account completely dormant for over 6 months are deleted together with the points to conserve system resources).

Other UK mobile network such as, but not limited to number begins with 07406, 07417, 07559, 078221, 07893 are not supported


Points required

There is a minimum charge of 1 minute applied to Gambia (due to the charging structure imposed by Gambian operators) and UK 08xx number. AC = Access Charge, SC = Service Charge

If you want to call/top up from other network operators that are not listed here, you can send us an email at [email protected] to find out what is the most suitable option for you.

To Spend Points/Make Call

To make a call, just dial 01635 774 302 or 0800 009 1131 (from fixed line) or 0800 009 1107 (from mobile) and enter the number you wish to dial. 0800 access will have a surcharge of 0.5 point/min (from fixed line) AND 1 point/minute (from mobile) applied for any destinations.

If you collect points using PIN method, then dial 01635 774 301 and enter your PIN number. After the prompt, you can enter destination you wish to dial.

If you prefer direct dial through access number such as 0870, 0844, please CLICK HERE.