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Country Call: AUSTRIA

Call Data Last updated: 1/MAY/19
OR for full list of ACCESS NUMBERS (some may be included in FREE minutes in a page, CLICK HERE
You must have the bill payer's permission to use this service. Destination Listed on this page are: (you may need to scroll down):
AUSTRIA   (+43)
If you have a phone package that INCLUDES call to a 0870 number...

1. To make call to AUSTRIA , dial
0870 437 2018

2. When our system answers, press using your telephone keypad 00 + country code + phone number, e.g. 0043xxxxxx#
3. Call to 08704372018 costs 13 p/min plus your phone company's access charge unless you have a package that includes calls to 08704372018. Please make a short test call to check if the access number is included in your package's FREE minutes.
As of May 2019, some Virgin landline , Vodafone mobile, EE mobile , PostOffice homephone packages may include free calls to 0870 numbers.

Note that BT residential packages exclude (i.e. will CHARGE for) calls to 0845/0870 access numbers.

1. To make call to AUSTRIA MOBILE from UK FIXED line phones, Dial
0911 416 0 416
2. When our system answers, press using your telephone keypad 0043xxxxxx# and WAIT to be connected. If you misdialled, press ## to redial.

Access to AUSTRIA MOBILE via 0911 416 0 416 is available at all time. Call cost 20p/min at all time plus any Access Charge your fixed/mobile operator may levy.

  1. CLICK HERE for terms and conditions
  2. All information provided in good faith and you should check with your network operator to confirm this.
  3. To report a fault/query, email info@qxtelecom.co.uk

  4. If more than one access numbers are shown, you may use any of the access number, depending on your liking. Destinations permitted through a lower rate number will also be permitted through a higher rate number.
  5. You will be charged by your provider as soon as our system answers as from their point of view, the call is now answered.
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